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Historic Village and Deale Area Museum

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Read about the first town established on Herring Bay. Find out about Beneficial Societies and understand why they were important. Learn how ordinary people lived before electricity and indoor plumbing. Show your children an outhouse. See how plaster and lath was used in homes. View a, dairy, corn house, and log smokehouse. Allow your children to sit in an 1880’s school desk and write on a slate. Discover how Deale got its name. Examine a wooden boat built in Deale, and learn about Deale boat building. We have all this and more, just waiting for you to explore. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you. mary e stern
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The Historic Village, Herrington Harbour North Marina
389 Deale Rd., Tracys Landing, MD 20779
Historic Village and Deale Museum on right after entering the marina. Park on your left.

Museum open Sundays 1-4 pm, May—October

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